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Visiting Chemnitz for one Semester

April 2000


Just moved to Chemnitz: From April to July 2000 I am a guest of the research unit on Socialization Research and Methodoloogy of the Chemnitz University of Technology (Department of Sociology). I teach two classes and join in the local research project "New Media in Daily Life" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). You can contact me in Chemnitz from now on.

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Internet, you are my favourite waste of time...

March 2000

The Austrian Research Project "Slow Motion" made me chat (via ICQ) with a fellow internet researcher who referring to the Generation@ Study claims that computer-mediated communication is only a waste of time. Well, I wonder how can we actually know if we invest our time wisely or just waste it? It's a tough question. It sure is one of the most important questions in life for us mortal human beings. So how come they have the answer? Why is it that they think connecting to other people on-line which comes along with all kinds of feelings, thoughts and experiences ranging from frustration or boredom to surprise or happiness, is only a waste of time? I tried to find out. (conversion in German only)


Evaluation Instruments


February 2000


The students of my evaluation class 

created some new instruments

to evaluate computer-based learning systems



Still Hot


January 2000


My new Office


December 1999

Oh My: Chaos on my Desk plus Chaos behind my Desk


Gummibears on the Internet


November 1999

Video Interviews


Sexuality on the Internet

October 1999

Projekt-Berichte aus dem PESI-Seminar


Counseling on the Internet


September 1999

Selbsthilfe, Beratung und Therapie im Internet

Tagung für Betroffene, Angehörige, Fachkräfte und Interessierte der »Psychiatrie-Szene« am 3. und 4. September in Köln: Tagungs-Bericht mit Fotos und mehr Fotos


Social Psychology of the Internet

June 1999

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